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A School Day at Homeschooling6's House

Today was Joshua's second day using Saxon Math. I must say, I'm excited for him. Normally my poor child can't even stay in the same room as me when I am correcting his math because of all the check marks! This time there were check marks but not as many, plus the way Saxon is laid out I can see exactly what he does not understand.

Today he mainly missed the number-line problems. He got confused. He thought he was suppose to write the negative numbers. There were a few things he didn't understand or didn't read them carefully. For instance : Write the largest three-digit number that has a 6 in the ones place and a 4 in the tens place. He put the answer as 46. When I was done correcting I went over his missed problems like the one mentioned above. I read the problem to him, showed him he placed the 4 & 6 correctly but it says three-digit number. He then answered 10! I showed him that would be too many numbers. "What is one less than 10?", I asked, he understood and said, "9" with a big, "Oh, I get it."

This was a first in a long time that he was not frustrated when I showed him what he missed. He actually gave me a hug and had a big smile.

Here is Joshua's work station.

The sock, I believe has darts in it. His dart gun, uh, I think that was a day when there were many battles being fought. His assignment is to read Eric Liddell and write a three paragraph essay about him. He is using Character Quality Language Arts.

Annette, started Junior Analytical Grammar this week. My daughter does not like to write BUT she was excited with this writing assignment "Playing with Words". Mayb the word 'playing' had something to do with it.

She had to write one paragraph using the words listed. I was almost going to have her skip these assignments, but new they where there to help Annette, put her grammar skills to use. To my surprise she was excited to do it. I think it challenged her to use all the words and be creative.

She even wrote it twice!!! The top portion is her rough draft or as she put it her ideas and thoughts (thank you meaningful composition). The second is her final copy.

Annette, is a huge help with Lance. Here she has him coloring.

He is her laundry partner this week. That is why there is a basket full of clothes next to him.

Here is Brent reading from his Christian Light Reader.

Ethan, taking a look at what we could win if we get all the game pieces.

A few weeks ago I lost Caleb's math workbook. Light Unit 306. I had to erase Annette's old L.U.
Yesterday, I found the L.U. it was under a pile of papers. I had checked that pile many times but it was at the very bottom. You couldn't really see it because the workbook is not very thick.
Caleb wasn't as excited as I was with the find.


  1. That was fun peeking into your school :-)
    Cena is on day 4 of Saxon 5/4 she was excited about it before but I don't think she is too much now..LOL. Grade 3 was much quicker for her to finish a lesson. Right now I am letting her get away with just writing the answer down but I know later she is going to have to write the problem too. I told her that and she is not very happy about it at all. Does Josh mind writing the problems and then the answers rather than having a workbook or sheet?

  2. Amity, I let him write in the workbook. As for the word problems, he does not like to write out the problems. I have been letting him write only the answers. I know for higher math he is going to need to write out all those problems, so I am getting strict and having him write the problems out ;) he likes to do them in his head and only write the answer.
    Is that what you meant?

  3. I guess I should have said, I let him write in the student text. It looks so much like a workbook that I think of it as a workbook.

  4. Thanks for sharing your homeschool! I'm glad that you found your book, but sorry that you had to erase the other one. We've often had some missing books and its sooo frustrating. I've even had to buy a new one and then of course the other one will show up AFTER I paid for the new one. Ahh...the joys of a homeschooling mom.

  5. Oh how I wish I could be there to help teach your kids. It would be fun! But it looks like you have everything under control. Great job Linda :)

  6. What a fun day! I love the fact that you have laundry partners, what a smart idea!


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