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Can't believe I haven't blogged all day. It's been busy. My sister Cynthia called today around nap time and we talked for hours. I started dinner late too, but it was worth it. We always enjoy chatting.

Today an ice cream truck drove down the street. The children were so excited. They started running around the house looking for their money. Ethan, ran out with no money! I had to call him back and ask him how's he going to pay? He stopped and said, "Oh" we all laughed. He's a good sport that Ethan.

I'm starting to think of summer school for the kiddos. I don't want a full load. I do want them doing something though.

Since I just started SWR with Josh I am going to continue with it. I'll only use it twice a week.

What we will stop or slow down:
  • I do want Annette to finish Meaningful Composition. She will be done with Book 4 first semester next week. If she is diligent she can finish 12 out of the 18 weeks in the second Semester. Finish up over the summer and start Writing Tales ll in the fall.
  • Junior Analytical Grammar
  • The Greek Alphabet Code Cracker. My kids will love this. It can be their own secret message.
  • Continue with math. One lesson a day.

  • Stop CQLA in June. He will have completed at least six months of the program. He can finish the rest of the program in the fall
  • Start Junior Analytical Grammar with Annette.
  • The Greek Alphabet Code
  • Continue with math. Two pages a day or more.

  • Finish Christian Light math 3 start 4 at half pace.
  • The Greek Alphabet Code
  • Review Phonics Road 1

  • Finish Spunky Math
  • The Greek Alphabet Code
  • Review Phonics Road 1
  • Start Art Program

  • Continue with Spunky Math 1
  • Continue to learn phonograms

  • Practice learning how to write his letters
  • Learn phonograms


  1. YAY! Glad you are picking up Greek Alphabet Code cracker. It does look like a ton of fun! Your plans over the summer sound great. I don't know what we will do over the summer, but it looks like we will definitely be doing CLE Math since I don't think we will finish before then.

  2. Sounds Good! This summer I'm not making too many plans because I really need rest. I've moved 3 different times in 5 years, been through a lot, and haven't had a vacation in about 3 years as well. I would just like to rest, eat ice-cream, take the kids to water parks, movies, etc., and just vegg out a little bit and help my girls get jobs and probably be driving them to and from work.

    But I do see the importance of not stopping the learning, so I may just continue math flash cards with my son, and some light copywork, maybe a sentence a day where he will be copying cursive, and not forgetting his spelling words that he learned over the year, which does happen if there is too much time on vacation.

    But this will probably only be a few times a week and early in the morning, so that the boys have the rest of the day for their adventures!

    Love your plans!



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