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SWR Diagnostic Test

Today Josh & Annette, took their 3rd Diagnostic Spelling Test.

Last summer in August, I had them take an assessment test from Lets Go Learn.

Annette's spelling was at a low 3rd grade level. Joshua's was at a high 1st grade.

They both have improved greatly. Here is Annette's
  • 8-21-09 Assessment low 3rd grade
  • 11-30-09 Diagnostic Spelling test. Testing into SWR to find out where to start. 3.9 Grade level.
  • 2-2-10 Diagnostic Test. Three months of using SWR. 5.1 grade level.
  • 3-16-10. Diag. Test. Four months using SWR. 6.3 grade level.
Joshua, if you follow my blog struggles with spelling but he is very determined. He wants to spell correctly.
  • 8-21-09 Assessment. Low 1st grade level
  • 11-30-09 D.T. to test into SWR. 3.3
  • 2-2-10 D.T. Three months with using SWR. 3.4
  • 3-16-10 D.T. Four months using SWR. 3.7
As you can see they both are improving. I'm pleased with SWR. It's been tough learning how to use it but well worth it.

I'll have them take the Lets Go Learn assessment again soon. Hopefully the assessment and diagnostic test will be pretty close. We'll see. I'm praying that Joshua will at least move up a grade level. Annette, is pretty good with seeing a word, studying it and knowing it after that.


  1. Hey Linda!

    I was reading your post the other day about the My Father's Books writing courses. Could you tell me where you heard about these and when you receive it, could you tell me EVERYTHING about them. :)

    As you can see, I'm still stuck on what to choose for Adam for English. I'm really interested in reading about this one since this is one I've never heard about before. :)

    It looks like the kids have improved their spelling a lot! Way to go! Sometimes it's daunting, but the hard work really does pay off.

    Many Blessings!!


    ps if you'd rather email me, that's good too, just remember, I only write books! LOL! be warned! ;)

  2. Hey, Dee, I like reading your books :) I heard about the writing program from an email by TOS The Old School House. It was last year. I liked what I saw but already had everything for that year. Hope to order it soon but with my dad needing financial help, and getting two apartments and my dad's house ready to rent, well things are pretty tight. But as soon as I get it I'll let you know.

  3. Hurray for improvement like that! That's pretty impressive - they must be working hard, in addition to finding a great program. Way to go!

    I also wanted to let you know that the new edition of the Classical Homeschooling Carnival is up, including your post. Thank you for submitting it!

  4. YAY for Josh and Annette!! That is so awesome Linda! I'm so glad that it's working out so well for your family. :) I know you are proud!!

  5. How encouraging to see such an improvement! Tell the kids I am one proud Auntie ;)


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