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SWR L List

While I'm waiting for my Sweets to get home I thought I would write. Lupe, is in the front house putting the floor in.

With SWR we are on list L-4. We still have L-5 & 6. Once we hit the 'M' list our spelling time might get a bit longer. Yikes! In list M they will start the 'review' words. Now I will use the Alpha List .

I'll report back once we start. I don't think the kids are going to like spelling to last more than 30-40 minutes. Too bad the review list were not on the cd's. Then they could do it on their own time and I can check it.

I know Annette, will know the review but Josh, still needs the practice. I wonder if I don't drill the rules everyday. That might work because we usually say the rules when they come up in a word like we do with Phonics Road.

Will keep you all updated. (hello out there, there, there, anyone there?)


  1. hello...I'm here! At 1 in the morning and I'm here. I can't sleep, but I'm going to turn out the lights and force myself.

    30-40 minutes is not bad at all. I remember doing Rod and Staff 2 with my son and that's about how long a lesson took between reviewing the words orally and his workbook page. :)

    Keep up the good work!

    Good Night, or is that Good Morning! Oh well...

    Dee :)

    ps I made the decision to get the 10th grade english paces and to basically continue with the 3 pace subjects that we are using successfully with my soon to be 4rth grader. It feels good to finally make a decision. You know, I had to go and reread my Maxwell book on Managing my school and it reenergized me and made me remember why I had chosen what I chose in the first place. Ah, now to get it all ordered; now that's another story! :) And boy oh boy, the highschool subjects can get so expensive...Rosetta Stone and Algebra are about 500 dollars right there. I may just wait and do Rosetta Stone in the 11th and 12th grades instead of 10th and 11th. Boy, this is a long p.s. and I've written you another book!

  2. Hi, Dee! I'm up too. Suppose to be in bed but I'm watching Molly the owl. She just ate some rabbit. Yum!
    I should reread that book too. Need a middle of March boost!
    Rosetta Stone, what language are you going to get?
    Keep writing those books. I enjoy reading them ;)

  3. Where can I see Molly the owl? My son would love this. Is this on youtube?

    Yes, the book really let me see why I chose Christian textbooks, even though for us it's more like workbooks, but they work for us, and to stick to them, and just to simplify where I can and to just trust God for the rest!

    It was a nice, gentle reminder to myself that I can't do it all, but that I have to surrender myself to the one who can!

    I will continue reading it and finish it this weekend.

    I'm going to be underlining and copying the verses that stand out for me.


    ps Rosetta Stone Spanish, but of course! ;P Shhhh, my kids don't speak Spanish...sad, but true...


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