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This week I decided to add My Wise Grammar Book from SWR to PR. Since I already own SWR and My Wise Grammar Book, I thought why not? It will reinforce Caleb & Brent's spelling and introduce them to some grammar.

My Wise Grammar Book is worksheets that can be used with the Wise Guide for Spelling. Very helpful. I bought my Spell to Write and Read used. It came with everything you would need to get started with SWR and lots of extras.

This week we went over opposites, antonyms, prepositions, compound words, contractions and synonyms. Phonics Road has grammar but my boys are a little older. I thought it wouldn't hurt for them to do a few pages a day.


Here is Brent's work.


Joshua, took a spelling quiz today. He uses a set of cd's from SWR. The cd's have all the words from the Wise Guide. He puts the cd in the player, finds the list he is working on and pauses after each word. Today he missed single, cloud, thirst and eye. When I asked him to spell them orally he spelled them correctly. He actually did very well. Normally he would write the word party-parte, shout-shoute and ant-ante.

Before SWR he would use a lot of e's at the end of words.

As a friend of mine says "Keep swimming"

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