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I have been using Spell to Write and Read with Josh & Annette now for three months. We review those phonograms almost daily. I see light bulb moments with Josh. He still has a long way to go but it's nice seeing things finally click with him.

He finally understands when to use 'ck'. Yesterday he said, "You use /c/ two letter /c/ after a vowel that says /a/, /e/, /i/, /o/ & /u/." that was music to my ears.

He also told me that he sees phonograms in his reading. I imagine that they are popping of the page for him. There was a movie where a man saw codes in newspapers and they would pop out  or he would zone in on them, well, that's how I imagine it for Josh. I forgot the name of the movie.

Here is what I wrote on a forum hoping to encourage a homeschooling mom (not sure why I'm sharing it here. Maybe just excited. I feel like we are getting somewhere or maybe to let others know that they are not alone with a struggling learner):

My son has a hard time with his vowels. He too has had years of phonics instruction. He finally started reading at age 9 and now is at grade level. Now he can read but not spell.

In December I started using SWR. I started him with list I. He can read the word 'season', 'blow' but he can't spell them.

While using SWR I found out he gets a lot of the phonograms mixed up (oa, oe, ou, ow). He has a hard time with the term 'long & short' vowels. He has trouble with the single phonograms a, e, o & u.

For months (before SWR even) with 'ck' sound he would forget to use it after a single vowel that says it short sound.

SWR has us review the phonogram cards daily and we have been slowly working through the list. We are now on section K-6. This past month we have been having lots of 'light' bulb moments. He gets the 'ck' and is finally remembering some of the other double vowel phonograms. He still spells horribly but slowly improving. He even mentioned that he sees the phonograms in words.

I know your issue is with reading but maybe something like SWR will help.

My dad is dyslexic and although I have never been tested I wouldn't be surprised if I am to some extent. With Josh, I feel like he might have some form of dyslexia, although he hasn't been tested. My son can't stand manipulatives either.

I have noticed that with all the information regarding phonics and spelling rules (along with grammar and math) all that information gets jumbled in his brain. I imagine a bowl of spaghetti. Too much info really affects him. He needs to go over a concept over and over and over again. I think that's why SWR is working. We go over the phonograms daily and he sees the rules being applied to the words.

Also wanted to add that I chose SWR because it didn't have the word "Phonics" on it. He felt that phonics was for little kids. I make sure I call it spelling (even though I am using it for phonics as well )

Sorry for rambling but I felt the need to share.


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