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A Quick At-a-Glance of our Year so Far

We finished week 30 of The Phonics Road to Spelling & Reading. Four more weeks to go. Wow! We stuck with it.

Annette, finished her first half of Meaningful Composition. Language Arts she is done. With Math she has completed MM 3A and switched to CLE. She is currently on L.U. 308. Completed one progeny press guide and is almost done with CLE Reading program

Joshua, finished a year and a half of math. Completed MM 3A, 3B and 4A. Is half way through with CQLA, working diligently with spelling. He is having many 'light' bulb moments. Finished one Progeny Press guide and is almost done with CLE reading. One more Light Unit to go.

Caleb, is more than half way done with CLE Math 3. He also has completed 3A of Math Mammoth. Finished week 30 of PR. Reading has improved a grade level.

Brent, has completed parts of 2A Math Mammoth and Part 1 of Spunky math. He has started Part 2. Finished week 30 of Phonics Road. Reading has improved a grade level.

Ethan finished the first half Christ-Centered Phonics and has started SWR. He is slowly working his way through Spunky Math and has done some parts of Math Mammoth.

Lance, finished three Kumon Workbooks and continues to work through I Can! Series of cutting, pasting etc.

I know I have mentioned that we are not using two math programs per child but the kids are the one who wanted to add MM to their regular studies.

The two older children do have Social Studies and Science, but we are concentrating more on Math, Spelling, Reading, Writing, and Grammar. Everything else is considered extra. They continue to learn lots of history and science via audio books, dvd's and reading on their own.

They are both enjoying Christian Light Social Studies. Annette, almost daily tells me what she has learned.

All-in-all I am pleased with our progress. It's been a good year so far. Not always easy but good. Meaning that there were days when we would much prefer to not do school but we took one day at a time. One schedule at a time. One page at a time.

We love schooling at home!!!!

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