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Weeds & Spelling

My Lance loves me so much. He gave me a bunch of weeds, um flowers. What a sweetie. Don't you just love when they give you flowers with little bugs in them? The last bunch of flowers had a slug in it! Yuck! I just ignored it and said, "Thank you."

Ethan, is so ready to learn how to read. I know I have mentioned that before, but thought I would say/write it again.

I can't afford Phonics Road student binder set yet + I would like to combine him with Lance. BUT he is so ready!!! What I decided to do was start Spell to Write and Read with him. He is on list B.

The marking are different than Phonics Road, so I make a mental note to use the PR marking instead of SWR's.

I don't know what's going to happen in the fall when Lance joins in. Some of these words will be repeated when Ethan, starts Phonics Road, but what to do? Ethan is 7yrs. old and wants to read. He can read cvc word but he wants more. I can't make him wait. We'll see how it goes.

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