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Week 26

We are on week 26. I'm amazed! Seems like yesterday we started.

I'm pleased with all our curriculum choices. I haven't changed anything. Well, almost. Annette, switched from Math Mammoth to Christian Light.
Brent, switched from Math Mammoth to Spunky Math from R&S. These switches were on their own. They preferred one math program over the other.

Oh, one more thing. I did switch Josh from a computer spelling program to Spell to Write and Read. He does much better with one-on-one then one-on-computer. He does not like to do school stuff on the computer.

Things I have added; Apples Daily Spelling Drills with Josh and Megawords with Annette. That's about all I have added to our school-load.

I'm happy to report that we are on Week 27 of The Phonics Road to Spelling and Reading. I have stuck with this for the whole year. Yahoo! I'm recovering from curriculum hoping/junkie. I'm no longer running when the going gets tough.

Joshua, is on his 4th month with using Character Quality Language Arts. I'm thrilled with this program. His writing and grammar are improving. I wish I could say by leaps and bounds but it's slowly improving.
I admit that "I" have to make sure I check his writing more thoroughly. I'm still praying to see if we should continue with it next year or not. I really like it but am wondering if Josh, would do better with grammar and writing being separate. Josh, needs thing orderly. What I mean is his brain works best if he is only tackling one thing at a time. Maybe do 30 minutes of grammar then switch his brain to doing 30 minutes of writing.
Having grammar & writing together I'm wondering if it's information overload for him.
I don't know, just something to consider for him.

It's bedtime.


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