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Week 27 Done!

We finished week 27.

Starting next week I am going to start adding in more of the 'activities' for Joshua's Spell to Write & Read. I'll have to update how we use SWR. I plan to add Monday's back in. Monday-20 new words, review 5 previous words. Tuesday-pick an activity. Wednesday-20 more new words, review 5 previous words. Thursday-activity. Friday test all 40 words and 5 review words.

Today for Phonics/spelling Ethan, wrote a story. It reads: I collect rocks. He is in the shop and I am in the house. The End. Highlighted words I helped him with.

With Caleb & Brent I dictated a paragraph from SWR to them. They wrote it sentence by sentence and did very well. They misspelled a few words but over all did good.

Lance, came to our bed last night. I asked him this morning why. He said, "I was frightened in my room."

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  1. Yay on finishing up Week #26! We just finished Week #27 and are hoping to finish up #28 by Friday.


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