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In honor of Missey, a homeschool mom who passed away in 2006. Here is my HeartSchooling Day

Today is cold and rainy. I don't feel like doing anything. We don't do spelling on Monday, so that's a good thing.

I did take the opportunity to read and cuddle with the children today. I read a few books for the younger ones first. One was about firetrucks and another was about that little turtle guy. Forgot the name.

Our current read aloud is.............Child of the Wolves.

This year I didn't plan on us learning about wolves, but some how we did. It all started when I read Julie of the Wolves, back in July.

In August, continued with Julies Wolves. We learned a lot with this one.

We then continued our Journey.........in September we took a trip to Yellowstone. We watched a few documentaries about wolves and even got to see a wolf pack at some kind of park. I don't remember the name but it was a place for bears and wolves. The children got to hide food in the bears pen or cage. When they let the bears out they would search for the food like they would in the wild.

Caleb, has really become very interested in wolves. He was really inspired with our Yellowstone vacation. He wants to work there and be a ranger. So cute. He continues to want to learn more about wolves.

For CHRISTmas I bought him a blanket with a wolf on it and to encourage his reading a book.

I did paste two pages together because it had people changing into wolves and Caleb didn't like that (either did I)

And I bought him a dvd A Man Among Wolves

I also found a book that had some wolf calls but I would like to find another.

Now we are reading Child of the Wolves. I hope to purchase a few more wolf resources.

You never know where one book will lead you! For Caleb, it might lead to a life long journey with wolves.

Oh, and my Hearschooling Day post ended up being a HeartSchooling Year with the wolves ;)  (sorry I know it's not bloggy etiquette but, I had to add the smilie)


  1. Thank you for sharing your heart, too! I have often wondered the same things myself. Enjoy your wonderful unit study :) I need to check my reader and find out why your blog is not showing up.

  2. I got my reader working now. I had it set to the other blogspot addy that you changed :)


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