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Writing Assignment

Next week Joshua has to write an essay about a missionary who has been persecuted. He has to figure out who he wants to write about. Find his sources. One source is t be a magazine, internet or some articles. Second source is to be a book about that person. He needs to take notes and write his outline. He doesn't have to write an opening or closing sentence yet. This will be included in the checklist challenge (CC is where he adds & omits things, changes words etc.) next week.

I like how detailed Character Quality Language Arts is, but sometimes it seems too detailed. Before Josh, even starts he has to read five pages on how to write his essay. This is one area where I would like them to break it down a bit more or maybe not over-explain it.

I wonder if they have changed this in the revised or newer addition.


  1. That's interesting Linda. Five pages on how to write the essay does seem a bit excessive. It will be nice if they changed that in the new editions but who knows Brianna may need that much detail. :)
    I think I'd be more worried about trying to find a magazine article on a missionary....lol. I guess a Christian magazine at the library would work. Well thanks for sharing that information, is Josh is Level A? That's the level I'll do with Brianna, I'm wondering if this will be one of our assignments. :)

  2. Hi, Kelli, yes he is using Level A.

  3. Thanks for letting me know Linda. :)


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