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Math, Math and More Math...........

Math is on my mind today. It seems I have my groups of two using different things.

Ethan and Lance will use McRuffy

Caleb and Brent I have decided on Bob Jones for 3rd through ? Edited to add that Brent will use McRuffy Math this coming year and still deciding about Caleb.

Annette is currently using Christian Light Math and will continue through the summer. Not sure about next year because it depends if we purchase Timberdoodle or not. If we don't she'll continue with CLE if we do she'll switch to TT. I did find a used TT6 so Annette, is now using that instead of CLE.

Josh is using Saxon with D.I.V.E cd's and I would like him to continue, at least through 8/7.

I want to laugh because I'm so goofy. Why so many math programs. First of all with my younger four I wanted to switch to something with more color. Children haven't complained it's me, mom.

Bob Jones is a bit pricey so I thought I would use Horizons for the first few years. Once the two youngest hit 3rd grade math they can use Bob Jones because we will already own it. Decided to use McRuffy for Lance, Ethan and Brent. It's everything I wanted in a math program and the price it right too!!!

Now my question to myself is which route to go for High School? Saxon with DIVE, Teaching Textbooks or Bob Jones? I can't imagine continuing and buying three sets of Algebra and so forth.

I really like what Dr. Shormann has to say about Saxon with DIVE. I appreciate the Christian World view. He also does a  comparison to MUS, TT & Video Text. I would also like to purchase "Using John Saxons Math Books" by Art Reed

I have heard a lot of good things about Bob Jones math too. In fact my Sister-in-law's kids use to attend private school that switched from Abeka to Bob Jones.

Then I have heard good and negative things about Teaching Textbooks. Sonlight prefers Teaching Textbooks over Saxon in the high school years. I believe because of the way concepts are explained. TT really explains things.

Only the Lord knows. I still have some time before I have to choose.

I Will Survive- Homeschool Version

Although we at Homeschooling6 are home a lot but thought this was cute anyway. My kids are still cool! Hee, hee.


Little of this and That

My brain is a bit tired. I want to blog but am not sure what to blog about today. I'm too lazy to finish getting our camping pictures ready for my blog. I was thinking about blogging about math today but I'm too lazy to even do that, but I still want to blog. I took a few pictures today so I think I'll blog about those pictures. My brain doesn't have to work so hard. Tee, hee.

Today I had the children beat the rug. Boy, was it dusty. If you look closely you can see all the dust flying. Brent is sitting on top of the play thing and that is Josh doing the beating.

They had fun. In fact I joined them for a while.

Annette, is my little mama. I have been so busy that she has been making lunches for Lance. Here he is showing off his lunch bag. Annette, made a P&J sandwich, bag of chips and a left over juice box from our camping trip. I think she added a few more goodies but I can't remember what. This was a few days ago.

Enjoying an indoor picnic!

A few months ago (or longer) Brent, surprised me with this drawing he did. He drew a mug and vase that were on the table at the time.

If you look close you can see a bee and some flowers.

Here is a close-up. You can also click on the pictures to enlarge them

This summer I need to take the time to start the art program that I bought but haven't used this year.

Living in Two Places

It's been hard getting school done. The children continue to do what they can with me correcting things at night.

We are living in the front house by day and the back house by night. It's been hard getting things done with moving stuff to the front house and trying to keep both places clean as well as tend to my children.

The back house needs a good cleaning but yet we still have lots of furniture in the house.

I have been slowly moving the kitchen stuff and school things. Lupe, has been bringing things from storage.

We ate our first sit down meal in the front house Monday evening. My dad joined us for some Tacos. He then helped Lupe, move some things from storage. The night before my dad helped too and Lupe brought home some Tacos from Jack in the Box. My dad is so funny, he said, "I new those .99 Tacos weren't free." He is always making us laugh with his jokes.

So, I'm off. Hopefully I can blog again today. I did want to mention that some friends invited us to go to the park with them yesterday and the children and I had so much fun. Maybe I can blog soon. I still need to finish blogging about our camping trip. Don't want to forget the fun details. Especially the one about Ethan and the large poop (not his)!


A little while ago I posted about Lance's math I really wanted to go with Bob Jones but Horizons Math is less expensive so I went with that. I found Horizons Math K for $50.00ppd brand new. I plan to use Horizons Math with Ethan too. I'll get him the 1st grade kit. Hopefully I can order it soon. Then for 3rd grade I'll switch them to Bob Jones math since Brent will use BJ 3rd this year, we'll already own it. Edited to add: With Brent I'm going to purchase McRuffy Math instead.I like how it scheduels in games and manipulatives. I'm still debating math for Caleb. McRuffy or Bob Jones. Hmmm.......

Caleb will use BJ grade 4 this year also. I think he'll like the colorful switch. My only problem that I see in the future it Bob Jones math in 5th grade does not have a consumable math workbook. I prefer workbooks. I know copying the problem onto notebook paper can be a good thing but I see it as time consuming, but I'll cross that bridge when it comes.

Annette, will use Teaching Textbook 6 and Josh, I'm pretty sure will continue with Saxon. I am looking at Teaching Textbooks for him but for 'today' he will continue with Saxon :)
I'm making some progress for the fall.


And a P.S. note, I did want to use MEP math with both Lance & Ethan, but who knows when I'll print it. Our printer is on the blinks (even though it's only 4 months old) and I'm not sure when we will get to FedEx Office to have them print and bound them. At least with Horizons Math we can start it. Hopefully we'll get MEP up and running as they say.

Double Edit: I ended up purchasing McRuffy Math. I wanted a math program that schedules in some games and manipulatives.

We Survived the Wilderness (Part 1)

We took the children on a four day field trip to Dinosaur Valley State Park!

When we left the house it was raining and it rained all the way there. We thought we might be setting up our tent in the rain, but God had mercy on us and it stopped raining when we arrived. Ii think the rain kept many campers away because when Lupe was making the reservation it was packed. We thought we were blessed to get a site. When we arrived it was empty. Only six other campers arrived that day. We found a really nice campsite. It was not to close or far from the bathrooms.

We set up camp. We roasted hotdogs for supper. The children had lots of Smores. I couldn't eat them because of my braces. I did have some Little Debbie Oatmeal cookies with cream inside. Yummy.
That night Lupe and I stayed up late talking while the children went to sleep. I asked Lupe, if we should put the coolers in van away from any animals. We had seen a raccoon.
Lupe, said they would be fine. I mentioned that raccoons are pretty smart. They can open coolers.
Not long after we were in our sleeping bags we could hear critters. Lupe, shined the flashlight on them and they ran off. After three more invasions Lupe said he was putting the coolers in the van. Finally we could get some sleep.


Our (Lupe & I) first night was a long one. We had raccoons that kept coming. They were big.  We couldn't find our air mattress (Josh laughed at the mention of this) so we had to sleep on the hard ground. I woke up the next morning with sinus problems, my head hurt and my body ached. I think the ground slanted some and our heads were on the lower side.
The second night my sinuses where really bad. My head still hurt. We turned our sleeping bags around so all the blood wouldn't go to our heads this time. Now our feet would be on the lower end. In the middle of the night I had to go to the bathroom SO bad. I didn't want to wake Lupe though and I was too scared to go by myself. No telling what creatures of the night I might see. Yes, I'm chicken. So I held it. After a few hours my bladder hurt so bad that I finally decide to brave it and go. As I was getting my shoes and coat on Lupe, woke up (Yes!) of course he offered to take me and I took him up on that offer. He had already taken Lace too. This is why I didn't want to bother him. I practically ran to the bathroom.
When we were back in our sleeping bags I had to go again. My bladder hurt again I couldn't wait till morning. Finally it came. Josh, said he need to go to the restroom so I went with him. I could barely stand.
Our third night Lupe bought me some sinus medicine (NyQuil) I took to capsules before bed and boy was I out. My poor husband had to deal with Brent throwing up, potty and who knows what else. I slept until four in the morning when I heard more throw-up commotion.
By Wednesday morning my thighs hurt so bad. I barely touched it and ouch! My whole body hurt. Lupe and I really need our inflatable mattress. We can't handle the hard ground anymore. Hee, hee. You should have seen the children. Like nothing for them.


Since I was so beat from the sleepless night my sweet husband got breakfast started. He made pancakes and bacon. I purchased those pancake mixes that come in a plastic container and all you do is add water. This way we didn't have to whisk eggs, milk and so forth. Just add water and shake!
After breakfast we went for a walk. I won't add how wet and sandy it was and that we practically had to be mountain goats, and the sand was so wet that I almost lost my shoe, but I will tell you that the children enjoyed some rock throwing.

Lupe, taught them how to use their whole body and was giving lessons on rock skipping.

Here is Ethan. He didn't obey mama so he had time out for a while.  Can you tell how miserable he looks.

Brent and Lance are natural throwers. Even as toddlers they could throw really good. It was fun watching them throw footballs when they were so young.

It took Caleb a while but he got the hang of throwing (putting his whole body into it as Lupe says)

We continued out lovely walk.
took some pictures of the children. I had them stand in age order. Oldest in the back.
With their papa!
Continued walking.
Still walking...........love these pictures.

Reached our camp and had some sandwiches with chips!

Josh and Brent are using the little tent.

We were off again.
Need to get all the educational stuff in :)

Having fun. Mom scared someone might fall in.
My Indian Girl. She must be feeling powerful or something.

We saw deer.
We then left the park to see the 'Down Town' are. The city was Glen Rose I believe. We went to a rock park.
Lupe, got a running start.

Saw some dinosaurs
My Annette.

Back to camp for some supper. Taco Soup.
My Annette again. She's too cute!

Silly Lance!

Lupe, took a picture of me cooking the meat.


Annette, watching me open the cans.

Getting the fire ready for Smores. The children can't wait.

It's dark. Yippee!

Happy Annette.

The children went to bed past ten. They had so much fun that first whole day.

I almost forgot to mention something funny that Ethan did. A few hours after we arrived Ethan comes all proud holding a neat find. He showed it to Lupe. Lupe, looked at it, I looked at it and we started laughing and told Ethan, that he was holding poop! He looked at us shocked and dropped it fast. He scrubbed his hands with lots of soap and then sanitizer. He had me smell his hands to make sure they were clean.
Too funny!!!! Yup, that's my Ethers.

Beautiful Day

Today I decided with the nice weather that I'll take Analytical Grammar and Saxon Grammar outside to take a good look at them. Got the books, ice tea, phone in case hubby called and the timer set for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes I would need to get everyone fed and Annette ready to go. It's Friday her sewing class day.

While sitting Annette, snapped a picture of me.

Here the kiddos are playing nicely.

They were playing pirates. This is their ship.

About ten minutes later my dad drove up. The children get so excited to see Grandpa! He loves the attention. Since it was about lunch time Caleb, made Grandpa a hot turkey sandwich. The other children made themselves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

My dad stayed for a few hours. He works tonight so he left about 2:00pm to take a nap before work.

We went camping. Left on Sunday and got home Wednesday. I came home with a sore throat, cough, red eyes and had some sinus pressure. I'm still a bit tired but am doing okay. We had lots of fun. I'll have to blog about it. Gotta keep the memories.

History for Annette

As I'm considering using Oak Meadow American History/English Syllabus for Annette, the more I think about it the more I would prefer her to use a program that was written from a Christian perspective. I still really like Oak Meadows writing assignments for history and may hold onto it for that reason.

I'm looking at using All American History Vol. 1 as her main text for the first part of American History. I like that it covers exploration to 1840's pretty close to what Joshua's program covers. It also comes with an activity book which is more like a workbook from Timberdoodle description. It doesn't have any Language Arts (OM Syllabus does) which is great since she will use something else. It can be fleshed out with the books from MFW Exp.1850 and the readers from OM.

I wonder if this reader can replace The Story of the World in MFW. My children have listened to SOTW so many times that they know it by heart (almost). In the back of my mind I have had the idea of replacing it but I didn't know with what and I did not want to rethink the schedule from MFW. The whole idea is to keep it simple! But..........if this lines up well with MFW maybe  SOTW can be switched with this book. I'll have to see. If it's too much trouble then I'll just stick with what is in the MFW package.

Annette's Bible will come from MFW Exp1850 and I had planned for her to use some of the books from MFW along with OM anyway, so instead of OM she'll use All America History.

With Oak Meadow, I was also trying to figure out a way to stretch it our to last two years. I wanted her and Joshua to have the same history time period. Another reason why I have been eyeing All America History.

Analytical Grammar

I received Analytical Grammar for Josh today. I really like what I see. I'm wondering if I should have him work through the whole program all year instead of doing the first unit starting now, second unit over the summer, then use Saxon Grammar & Writing through the year and finish up with AG in the summer.

To understand more about Analytical Grammar you can read  here. You will see that there is a three year timeline. Meaning you do the first part in year 1, second part year 2, the third and last part year 3. In between the years you review grammar once or twice a week with their review book (which I did not purchase).

So, back to my thoughts...........I guess, I'll have to look at Saxon Grammar and Analytical Grammar more closely. Maybe have a nice cup of coffee, put a movie on for the children, take both programs to my room, shut the door, pray and look them over to see which route to go.

Long Day!

Here is a picture that I will have to blog about, maybe on Thursday.

Today has been busy. Lupe, finished putting in the kitchen. He then mowed the lawn. Poor guy was tired, which reminds me, last night he shocked the children with announcing at 9:00p.m. that it was time for bed. He was going to go to Blockbuster and rent a movie for just the two of us. The children looked a little shocked because normally we have 'movie' night.

I reminded the children that dad has not watched a movie with us for six weeks because he has been so busy trying to get the front house ready for us and that he just wants to relax and watch his own movie. The children agreed and got ready for bed.

Today I cleaned out the fridge. It's been way too long. It looks so empty now. Then I went to the front house and cleaned the kitchen, there was lots of sawdust. There still is lots of it. I need to mop it real good. I also moved in some appliances and a few dishes. I washed some pots in my new sink. I told Lupe, that I would love one big sink. In the apartment house that we live in now, has a small sink. It's so hard to clean the big stuff. My Sweets was so kind to get me one. He found it on sale. Original price was over $200.00 but my Sweets got it for $50.00. Praise the Lord!

Lupe is good about being patient to find a good deal. In the bathroom he was able to get the vanity and mirror for less then $200.00 the original price was over $600.00.

We also went to my dad's house today. He is so ready to move into the upstairs apartment. Lastly we went to the grocery store. Here is Brent, playing Monopoly.

Hmmm . . . what else happened today. The kiddos cleaned up the yard. It was getting so messy with all the wood and trash from the front house. The children enjoy it all because they like to make shelters and such but it's not very attractive. Now our yard looks decent.

Look What Grandpa Brought

This is like the third time that Grandpa has brought them Easter goodies. Everything is on sale. My goodness their teeth are going to rot. Hee, hee. I can't remember the last time I have purchased candy for the children. Believe me they are not lacking in this area. They get plenty of sweets from church and Grandpa.


One of Lance's jobs is to clean the table. He takes his job seriously. Here he is making sure every spot is gone.

Tuckered out at the end of the day!