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Analytical Grammar

I received Analytical Grammar for Josh today. I really like what I see. I'm wondering if I should have him work through the whole program all year instead of doing the first unit starting now, second unit over the summer, then use Saxon Grammar & Writing through the year and finish up with AG in the summer.

To understand more about Analytical Grammar you can read  here. You will see that there is a three year timeline. Meaning you do the first part in year 1, second part year 2, the third and last part year 3. In between the years you review grammar once or twice a week with their review book (which I did not purchase).

So, back to my thoughts...........I guess, I'll have to look at Saxon Grammar and Analytical Grammar more closely. Maybe have a nice cup of coffee, put a movie on for the children, take both programs to my room, shut the door, pray and look them over to see which route to go.

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  1. Let us know what you decide! I know you're busy, so only when you have time.



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