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Beautiful Day

Today I decided with the nice weather that I'll take Analytical Grammar and Saxon Grammar outside to take a good look at them. Got the books, ice tea, phone in case hubby called and the timer set for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes I would need to get everyone fed and Annette ready to go. It's Friday her sewing class day.

While sitting Annette, snapped a picture of me.

Here the kiddos are playing nicely.

They were playing pirates. This is their ship.

About ten minutes later my dad drove up. The children get so excited to see Grandpa! He loves the attention. Since it was about lunch time Caleb, made Grandpa a hot turkey sandwich. The other children made themselves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

My dad stayed for a few hours. He works tonight so he left about 2:00pm to take a nap before work.

We went camping. Left on Sunday and got home Wednesday. I came home with a sore throat, cough, red eyes and had some sinus pressure. I'm still a bit tired but am doing okay. We had lots of fun. I'll have to blog about it. Gotta keep the memories.


  1. Hi Lou, I love the green trees in the background...very pretty. I wonder if you have certain allergies from the outdoors that caused the red eyes and sore throat.

    It's neat how the kids love to see Grandpa. I'm glad it makes him feel special. At least he knows he is loved ;)

  2. LOL! I just love their pirate ship...the joys of being a kid. They look so happy!


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