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Bob Jones or Horizons Math

I have been researching math lately for my three younger children. Currently Joshua is using Saxon and we like it. Caleb & Annette are both using Christian Light Math and I'm pleased with it as well, but.................I still have years to teach elementary math and I want some color in my books. Okay, so they are the children's books but as the teacher I am bored with no color. It has never bothered me before. Not sure what the deal is with me.

In the past we have used Math-U-See, Rod & Staff, Rays Arithmetic and now Christian Light & Saxon. Not one of them has color. They are all great math programs but I want color. On my quest to find color and a good thorough math program I narrowed it down to Bob Jones or Horizons Math. I added some pictures of what might be my Lancy's math. How cute!

I should go the Schoolaid or CLE route because of the price but did I mention I want some color in our math program. Having color comes with a higher price tag though.

I actually sold our Christian Light Math for 1st & 2nd grade last year otherwise I would have used it.

I'm also considering MEP Math but to print it all out seems tiring. I like to click a button and have it delivered to me. Lazy I know. I'm just happy that I'm almost to making the decision. I'll probably pour over the sites and samples a few more times before making my final choice.

Edited: I decided to use McRuffy Math for Lance's K year. In my opinion it's a mix of Horizons & MEP and is equel to Bob Jones but McRuffy schedules  games and manipulatives.


  1. Thats funny...I was sick of black and white too but I don't want to switch Cena and DIego. So I ordered Horizons Math K for Gabriela, we got it yesterday!!

  2. Same here. I plan to continue Josh & Annette with what they are using.

    You'll have to write what you think of Horizans K.

  3. Brianna used K5 Math BJU and we really liked it. But then I kept hearing how much better Horizons is than BJU. It is advanced but I don't think I would say that it's better. After BJU K5 we used Horizons 1 through 4A. I should have quit long before I did. It brought Brianna to tears every day. I finally said enough is enough and we switched to CLE for 5th grade. I don't want to scare you away from Horizons, it's just that it is very fast paced. You will move quickly through concepts. There didn't ever seem to be enough review and Brianna always felt overwhelmed because she felt like they were teaching her something new before she really learned what she was previously taught. I didn't find the teacher's guides particularly helpful. If I had to choose between the two for my younger girls I think I'd go with BJU. I think both are good programs, but BJU is slower paced. It looks a little better on teaching conceptually too.
    Again, don't let me scare you away from Horizons, it may work out perfectly for you. Maybe it just wasn't the right program for Brianna because of her learning style. I just wanted to share our experiences with you. :)

  4. Thanks Kelli, know MerryATHope uses it one grade level behind. I think she has a 6th grader using the 5th grade and a 5th grader using the 4th, so I do believe that it does move pretty fast.

  5. Using it one grade level behind is probably a good idea. Doing that could have helped us get through it too. I've heard a lot of people say that Horizons is very similar to CLE only CLE has a lot more built in review and the Light Units have more white space per page. Whereas, Horizons pages have problems much closer together. I know the Horizons lessons were generally a front and back workbook page, the LU's are around 4-5 pages a lesson, but I think they have about the same amount of problems per lesson. I wish you well in your decision making. :)

  6. Thanks Kelli, appreciate your help.

  7. I'm still hunting around to make sure I find the right math program for us. These are still on the list but who know what will happen in the next four months.LOL.


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