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Busy Saturday

Look what my Sweets, brought me home. He new wanted to blog and I love blogging with a cup of coffee. Hot or cold! I know, lots of calories before bed.
Today was a busy day for all of us. Lupe, has been working in the front house. He is putting in the water heater. Something that he was hoping to do in a few hours took three trips to Disney Land (Home Depot). Once that was finally done he put in the bathroom sink. He is bewildered because he sink handles are not going on properly. He has put many sinks in  and this one has got him stumped! He has never had a problem with the handles looking like the are backwards. Weird!

Then my Sweets discovered that his plumber hooked up the hot water to our toilet.

Look what Ethan found in the backyard today. I looked online and I believe it's what they call a Texas Rat Snake

People often mistake it for a rattler because it will rattle its tail. This snake has no rattler though and is not poisonous. This one is a baby, a little over a foot long. They grow pretty big. Yikes!
I didn't want the snake around the house, so I asked Lupe to kill it. It made for a good science project.

Joshua, skinned it and Ethan, pulled some of it's organs out. Josh, said getting the skin off was harder then he thought it would be.

Brent, put some blood on one of his slides to get a closer look.

And Caleb, holding the headless snake. It was still moving. Yuck! I was really surprised that he even held it. He is the one who usually stays away from these things.

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  1. The children are getting so big!!! They are precious!! As always Lupe is so sweet to bring such a sweet treat, looks mighty yummy. lol I love to work on the computer with a cup of coffee too. I had no idea you had moved your blog, do you still blog over at HSB or is this now your primary blog? I still have two and still post on both but mostly you know I am working over at THL. LOL Wish I had more time to blog though. :-(

    Hope you are doing well, I have missed you!
    Hugs & Blessings,


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