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Junior Analytical Grammar

Junior Analytical Grammar is a grammar program but it sure is bringing out the creative writing in Annette. She actually enjoys writing a paragraph using the "Playing with Words" section of JAG. She even writes her rough draft first. Amazing!

Today the four older children and I played one of those memory games where one person will say, "apple", the second says, "apples and chair", the third person adds another word, "Apples, chair, dog." and so forth.

Here is what we ended up with table, chair, bike, house, wheel, cat, people, bike, store, groceries, tree, property, board, apples, oranges, pink, bear, plate, grapes & berries. Josh, said "pink" and Brent, said, "People & properties."
The order we went is: Joshua, Brent, Mom, Caleb & Annette.

After we were done, Annette, wrote all the words down and guess what she did? She tried to use them all in a paragraph. Wonder where she got that idea? Junior Analytical Grammar perhaps...........

Today Josh said, "I know how to spell people, p-e-o-p-l-e and paper, p-a-p-e-r." he than continued to say, "Those are words I know but I have to keep reviewing words, so I don't forget them."
I like how he takes ownership of his learning.

Here is a picture of Lance, with his blankie that he still sucks on. Wonder what it taste like today!

Lance, can go fast on that little bike of his. It's fun watching him. He can even stand up while peddling, like the big kids!

Ethan, was practicing his flying. I guess he was perfecting it. He told me today that when he flaps his arms down, he stays in the air longer. I asked him to show me. He starts by running down the driveway and back, then takes a big leap. So cute! I asked him, "When I look at you what do I see?" He replied, "Love." Yup! That's what I see when I look at my Ethan.

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