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Living in Two Places

It's been hard getting school done. The children continue to do what they can with me correcting things at night.

We are living in the front house by day and the back house by night. It's been hard getting things done with moving stuff to the front house and trying to keep both places clean as well as tend to my children.

The back house needs a good cleaning but yet we still have lots of furniture in the house.

I have been slowly moving the kitchen stuff and school things. Lupe, has been bringing things from storage.

We ate our first sit down meal in the front house Monday evening. My dad joined us for some Tacos. He then helped Lupe, move some things from storage. The night before my dad helped too and Lupe brought home some Tacos from Jack in the Box. My dad is so funny, he said, "I new those .99 Tacos weren't free." He is always making us laugh with his jokes.

So, I'm off. Hopefully I can blog again today. I did want to mention that some friends invited us to go to the park with them yesterday and the children and I had so much fun. Maybe I can blog soon. I still need to finish blogging about our camping trip. Don't want to forget the fun details. Especially the one about Ethan and the large poop (not his)!


  1. Hope the move goes well, mama! I've missed reading your daily blog posts. I'm planning for a 5th, 3rd and 1st next fall...I need to pick your brain for some ideas! Talk to you soon,


  2. Pick my brain ;) I love talking curriculum. It helps me figure things out too.


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