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Long Day!

Here is a picture that I will have to blog about, maybe on Thursday.

Today has been busy. Lupe, finished putting in the kitchen. He then mowed the lawn. Poor guy was tired, which reminds me, last night he shocked the children with announcing at 9:00p.m. that it was time for bed. He was going to go to Blockbuster and rent a movie for just the two of us. The children looked a little shocked because normally we have 'movie' night.

I reminded the children that dad has not watched a movie with us for six weeks because he has been so busy trying to get the front house ready for us and that he just wants to relax and watch his own movie. The children agreed and got ready for bed.

Today I cleaned out the fridge. It's been way too long. It looks so empty now. Then I went to the front house and cleaned the kitchen, there was lots of sawdust. There still is lots of it. I need to mop it real good. I also moved in some appliances and a few dishes. I washed some pots in my new sink. I told Lupe, that I would love one big sink. In the apartment house that we live in now, has a small sink. It's so hard to clean the big stuff. My Sweets was so kind to get me one. He found it on sale. Original price was over $200.00 but my Sweets got it for $50.00. Praise the Lord!

Lupe is good about being patient to find a good deal. In the bathroom he was able to get the vanity and mirror for less then $200.00 the original price was over $600.00.

We also went to my dad's house today. He is so ready to move into the upstairs apartment. Lastly we went to the grocery store. Here is Brent, playing Monopoly.

Hmmm . . . what else happened today. The kiddos cleaned up the yard. It was getting so messy with all the wood and trash from the front house. The children enjoy it all because they like to make shelters and such but it's not very attractive. Now our yard looks decent.

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