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Math, Math and More Math...........

Math is on my mind today. It seems I have my groups of two using different things.

Ethan and Lance will use McRuffy

Caleb and Brent I have decided on Bob Jones for 3rd through ? Edited to add that Brent will use McRuffy Math this coming year and still deciding about Caleb.

Annette is currently using Christian Light Math and will continue through the summer. Not sure about next year because it depends if we purchase Timberdoodle or not. If we don't she'll continue with CLE if we do she'll switch to TT. I did find a used TT6 so Annette, is now using that instead of CLE.

Josh is using Saxon with D.I.V.E cd's and I would like him to continue, at least through 8/7.

I want to laugh because I'm so goofy. Why so many math programs. First of all with my younger four I wanted to switch to something with more color. Children haven't complained it's me, mom.

Bob Jones is a bit pricey so I thought I would use Horizons for the first few years. Once the two youngest hit 3rd grade math they can use Bob Jones because we will already own it. Decided to use McRuffy for Lance, Ethan and Brent. It's everything I wanted in a math program and the price it right too!!!

Now my question to myself is which route to go for High School? Saxon with DIVE, Teaching Textbooks or Bob Jones? I can't imagine continuing and buying three sets of Algebra and so forth.

I really like what Dr. Shormann has to say about Saxon with DIVE. I appreciate the Christian World view. He also does a  comparison to MUS, TT & Video Text. I would also like to purchase "Using John Saxons Math Books" by Art Reed

I have heard a lot of good things about Bob Jones math too. In fact my Sister-in-law's kids use to attend private school that switched from Abeka to Bob Jones.

Then I have heard good and negative things about Teaching Textbooks. Sonlight prefers Teaching Textbooks over Saxon in the high school years. I believe because of the way concepts are explained. TT really explains things.

Only the Lord knows. I still have some time before I have to choose.


  1. Hi Linda! Thanks for stopping by. I'm exhausted from the day. We got the year long passes, so we should be visiting a lot, though it's only going to get hotter here in FL, and we may not go again until early fall...

    The math decisions are tough. Keep making lists and weighing the pros and cons of each, all the while asking the Lord for wisdom. I wish I could tell you which one to choose, but I have learned that what works with one, doesn't necessarily work with another, so it's kind of good to continue doing the research. I think in the end, the one that you can stick with is the best in the bunch. ;)

    I've never actually looked at the Dive C.D.s/DVD's, so I think I may head on somewhere and check those out.

    Many Blessings on a great weekend!!!


  2. Hi, Dee,

    I'm going to have to see if I can borrow one of each program, not that I'm that mathy but maybe dh can help me decide. Thankfully it's a few years off :)

    I really don't mind using different math programs in the lower grades but HS gets expensive!!!

  3. I've been lamenating on math myself. For Pre-Alg and Alg we used Chalkdust. I really like the teacher, he demonstrates several different ways to solve the same problem and the answer book shows step by step how each problem is solved. For Geometry we are probably going with Saxon with the teacher cd. Money is a bit tighter this year.
    I used Saxon 6/5 with the teacher CD this past year for my 5th grade son. I really liked it. It freed up time for me and gave him some independence away from me. It also has every problem in every lesson and test on the cd, so if you or your child get stuck and don't understand you can click on the problem number and the teacher will show you step by step how to solve it.
    All the math programs you listed are solid programs though, but like you, when I can't decide I enlist my hubbies help!