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A little while ago I posted about Lance's math I really wanted to go with Bob Jones but Horizons Math is less expensive so I went with that. I found Horizons Math K for $50.00ppd brand new. I plan to use Horizons Math with Ethan too. I'll get him the 1st grade kit. Hopefully I can order it soon. Then for 3rd grade I'll switch them to Bob Jones math since Brent will use BJ 3rd this year, we'll already own it. Edited to add: With Brent I'm going to purchase McRuffy Math instead.I like how it scheduels in games and manipulatives. I'm still debating math for Caleb. McRuffy or Bob Jones. Hmmm.......

Caleb will use BJ grade 4 this year also. I think he'll like the colorful switch. My only problem that I see in the future it Bob Jones math in 5th grade does not have a consumable math workbook. I prefer workbooks. I know copying the problem onto notebook paper can be a good thing but I see it as time consuming, but I'll cross that bridge when it comes.

Annette, will use Teaching Textbook 6 and Josh, I'm pretty sure will continue with Saxon. I am looking at Teaching Textbooks for him but for 'today' he will continue with Saxon :)
I'm making some progress for the fall.


And a P.S. note, I did want to use MEP math with both Lance & Ethan, but who knows when I'll print it. Our printer is on the blinks (even though it's only 4 months old) and I'm not sure when we will get to FedEx Office to have them print and bound them. At least with Horizons Math we can start it. Hopefully we'll get MEP up and running as they say.

Double Edit: I ended up purchasing McRuffy Math. I wanted a math program that schedules in some games and manipulatives.

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  1. To update this post. I'm still looking to make sure that these math programs will be our picks. We'll see. There are still four months before the new year. LOL. I'm trying so hard not to buy yet.


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