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On the School Front

I lost another Light Unit. Caleb finished his Math Light Unit 306 and I was going to put L.U. 307 in his box but couldn't find it. I vaguely remember taking out of its place on the shelf to look at it and I'm sure I didn't put it back (something I'm always telling the children to do). This is the second time I lost a L.U.

Last time I lost L.U. 306, so I had him use Math Mammoth until I found it. Three weeks later he was still using Math Mammoth. I ended up erasing Annette's old L.U. I finally found it when I was cleaning a space by the computer and there it was at the bottom of a paper pile. Once I saw it I remembered I was either giving someone online information about it or I was blogging about it.

This time I am letting him skip the missing L.U. I figure if a concept comes up that he missed I can use the teacher manual to go over it. He has been getting over 90% on his quizzes and tests, so I'm sure he will be okay.

We are on week 34 with The Phonics Road to Spelling and Reading. Tomorrow we will be done with Phonics Road level 1. Only three more levels to go! Hee, hee. Couldn't help it, had to mention the three more levels.

That's Sparky holding my pages open. Just kidding he isn't. I put him there because he is cute and has a big smile.

Here is what I use to hold my binder up while I teach Phonics Road to my guys.

I bought it back in the days when I was a Creative Memories consultant. I new it would come in useful one of these days.

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  1. Don't do anything yet. Maybe it will show up over the weekend, if not, then hand him over the next one. :) You are right in that with CL there is so much repetition that he will probably only miss a little introduction to new concepts. I hope and pray you find it! Sometimes I have my children all get together and pray for something and it appears right away.

    Way to go on finishing the Phonics Road! It looks like such a complete program. If it wasn't because we were having success using what we were using, I'd be tempted to try it or SWR. Which one do you prefer and why? (when you have time, though)



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