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Ordered Analytical Grammar

I'm excited! I asked Lupe, if I could order Analytical Grammar and he said, "Yes." Yay! Annette, started Junior AG and I so wanted to teach them together but with their own books. From what I understand is, you can teach both students even if one is using JAG and the other AG as long as you teach unit 1 in JAG (which is nouns) first. After the first unit in JAG you can continue and add in your AG student as well.

Annette, has already finished two units, but with things being so tight I didn't want to bother Lupe, with ordering yet. The more I thought about it the more I would like to keep them together with this.


  1. I was just looking at this the other day. we use FLL and then Growing with grammar which is a good follow to FLL. Can you give some details on the difference of this program?

    Heidi Jo

  2. Hi,Heidi Jo! I don't own FLL anymore. I only have JAG right now but as soon as I get AG and look at it I'll come back and post about it. I'm thinking AG is more of teaching the eight parts of speech. I don't think it goes into prefix and suffixes.