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Saxon Grammar 5

Annette's Saxon Grammar Grade 5 came today. I'm wondering if I should have just kept with Christian Light for Grammar. Not that there is anything wrong with Saxon, because I really like the looks of it. Since she was already using Christian Light..........I think having her and Josh using the same program will be nice though. I like how Saxon really breaks thing down to bite size pieces. I also like that Saxon includes dictation and vocabulary. It doesn't include spelling and I'm glad since we are happy with SWR & Megaword. Christian Light included spelling but it was random words. There were no spelling rules. I had Annette, skip the spelling and penmanship with CLE.

Saxon's writing course is in a separate workbook. I like that they keep it separate, just in case I decide not to use it. I have decided to let the children write in the text. It is not a workbook and a new text is $36.00 but even so, it makes things so much easier for mama and child. It would take twice as long to finish their assignment I think if they had to copy everything onto notebook paper. Why make things harder than it has to be?

One of the reasons why I do like Christian Light so much is because they use workbooks. Everything is consumable.

The dictation passages have some poems and songs and are good. I was hoping for some great quotes from the past or pieces from literature but that's okay. Here is a sample of one of the passages:

"Henry Ford of Detroit, Michigan, built his first gasoline powered car in 1986. In 1908, he began producing his Model T, which became very popular. Some people called these cars horseless carriages. Henry Ford developed the modern industrial assembly line for mass production of automobiles. Automobiles changed the lives of average people than any other invention since the wheel."

It looks like the themes for grades 5 & 6 are about American History. I think Josh will really appreciate that.

I'm pleased with my purchase.


  1. I would definitely write in the books as well as in my house, time is money! :)

    I like the dictation passage. I am actually one of the ones that likes very simple dictation passages. I use Spelling Plus Dictation and we love it!

    I loved your description of the Hake Grammar. Thank you for posting it.


  2. Hi, Dee,
    Yes, I agree. Simple dictation passages are nice. I think my kiddos will like them because they are tidbits of information.


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