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School Days

Saxon Math is working out nicely for Josh. I'm sure something are a bit easy, but his careless mistakes are becoming fewer and fewer. Today one of his lessons was on telling time. Now, Josh can tell time, but when using Math Mammoth (which I really like) the telling time section was confusing to him. The half past, quarter till/after etc. I tried explaining it to him and he kind of got it. Well, in today's lesson he told me thet although it was easy because he can tell time, that Saxon explained it clearly to him and he now understands the lingo (half past/quarter till). Meaning if I said it's half past six he knows it's 6:30. Yeah, I'm excited for my son.

Annette, started the second unit of Junior Analytical Grammar. She finished her 2nd page of unit 2 and did very well. She had to label all the nouns, proper nouns, articles and adjectives. The nouns that are a bit more difficult are the ideas. She has person, place and things down but those ideas a more challenging.

Annette, is flying through Megawords 1. The spelling and reading are easy but she is learning a lot about syllabication. I hope Josh, will be ready to use it sometime next year.

Both Josh & Annette, finished list M-4 of Spell to Write and Read. Josh is really 'getting' spelling. Last night at about 10:30 p.m. or so, he popped his head out of his room and said, "Mom, light is spelled with three letter 'i', eight is spelled with four letter 'a'." Another yahoo!

The children had lots of fun playing outside today. It's windy and a storm is brewing, so they had fun making shelters.

I finally finished our read aloud about a dog who is adopted by a wolf pack. Child of the Wolves I think the name is.

Here is my little monkey named Lance.

Looking for some bananas

Being silly, yes, he used his shirt for a napkin (sigh).

My other monkey. He looks so happy.

I must admit, my children don't always get along, so I cherish moments when they do.

Lance & Brent

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