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School Hours

My friend Amity mentioned that after lunch everybody looses their umph. I thought that only happened here. For some reason we lose our umph too. If Josh or Annette are not finished they will continue but it's very hard.

I lose my umph at about noon too. If I haven't taught Spell to Write & Read or Phonics Road  before noon, then most times it won't get done. Key word most. At times I do force myself to continue on......but usually it's Ethan's lesson that gets pushed and after lunch he is too tired.

So, what are our school hours. Hmmm.....

Joshua, can do math, language arts, Apples Daily Spelling Drills, Social Studies and Science as you can see does almost everything independently. He loves this because he doesn't have to wait for me. The only subject he needs mama is for spelling (SWR). 

I have some early bird kids. Josh, wakes up at 5:00 a.m. to start school. He can do the majority of school on his own; usually finishes about 10:00 or 10:30 am. This is my child who likes order and structure.

Annette, another early bird wakes at 5:55 a.m. She too can do most of her subjects on her own. Occasionally she will need me to dictate words for Megawords or need help with writing, Junior Analytical Grammar we correct together but she can do it on her own after the first lesson in each unit. She can be done about 10:00 to 10:30 also.

Caleb and Brent can start math. They do what they can on their own then wait for me. They haven't done a lesson this week with The Phonics Road because it's been a weird week. Basically the only 'seat-work' they have done is math. History and Science are done informally this year with using read aloud and audio books.

I would say most of our school days we are done by noon. What they don't get done by noon they do in the evening. Sometimes they do have 'homework'. I actually like the evening school times. Things are not as rushed. There are times where I'll school Ethan at night.


  1. Well it does make me feel better knowing that I am not the only one...;-) Our problem is that we need to get up earlier for one thing another thing is that most of their work right now is dependent on me. Diego is still doing saxon with the meeting book so I have to do that with him, Cena finally is past the meeting book so she can do her math on her own, of course they both do their handwriting on their own. But I have to do MFW with them and Apologia science and of course TPR. Then I have to do school with Gaby too...I would slack on her a little since she is so young but Gilbert wants her doing formal school. I guess the ONLY solution is to get an earlier start... Thank you for sharing with me :-)

  2. You know Amity, some won't agree but I would deal with their reading, writing, spelling (via PR) and math first. Everything else History & Science is gravy for the day. I know life is not all about academics but if a child can't read, write or do math it makes it harder for you and them.

    You know me with the younger ones; history and science are read aloud books or audio. Josh & Annette read their history text.

    Maybe start with PR with Cena & Diego. Then math with Diego while Cena works on hers. Then start with Gaby.

    Just some thoughts. If you remember a few years back I was in your shoes. EVERYBODY needed me. This is why textbooks for the past two years saved my sanity ;)

  3. Yeah I do usually do reading, writing, math ect first but I then do MFW and science before I work with Gaby...I think I will change that though I will do the 3 r's with all 3 of them before with do any history or science that way poor Gaby will at least be getting in her math and reading. Right now she usually ends up getting left out..I don't know why I didn't think to include her in the important things too...LOL. Thanks for all the advice by the way. I know I have said it before, but you are a wonderful blessing to me :-)

  4. Amity, your too sweet. I was thinking the other day when you asked about schedules that it would be nice if we were neighbors. That way we could take turns teaching PR. One week I can teach all the kiddos next week you can. LOL. That would be nice ;)or you can teach sewing and I can, well, uh, think of something, oh, maybe art.


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