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A Self Portrait

Something that my Sweets and I have observed about Joshua, is he needs structure. He likes things scheduled and orderly.

We can see this because of the way he likes his room neat and tidy. Everything in its place. He wakes up at 5:00 a.m. on his own to finish his school work. He likes that quiet time to study. He likes the schedule that he himself has made. At 5:58 a.m. he wakes Annette, at 6:30 a.m. he wakes Caleb and at 7:00 a.m. he gets my coffee ready.

As I have written before it only took a ton of bricks to fall on my head for me to realize that his brain works best when his curriculum is presented to him in an organized orderly fashion.

Yesterday to see if I could find out more about my son I had him take an online assessment. It confirmed that he does like structure, things organized and in order.

He prefers subject/activities that are 'structured' by nature, have sequential, ordered components, offer routine, drill, organization, give opportunity to take notes, memorize, outline, provide, quiet study or reading time.

Prefers material that is logical, sequential, uses workbooks, involves planning, scheduling and due dates.

Prefers, quiet spaces, routine, organization, atmosphere that is consistent, secure, ordered, scheduled and planned.

He has practical sense of time, looks ahead, schedules, loves setting appointments, planning ahead, has trouble changing plans, wants to follow through with order/routine, has a sense of rules, traditions, customs and social responsibility.

Areas of growth for him are flexibility, open-ended questioning, doodling, creative and 'wasted' time.

His dispositions that he leans towards are producing & performing. Producing meaning: sense of structure, rules, tradition, continuity routine, order, thoroughness, diligence, responsibility.

Performing meaning; fun, laughter, sense of excitement, adventure, playfulness.

The 'Self Portrait' looks pretty accurate. It has helped me to understand his strengths and weaknesses. Confirmed what we have observed already.

One of his weaknesses was thinking/creating. We see this in him as well.

Other things we have observed is he likes to do things his (logic) way. For instance, when he was five years old and learning how to write his name, he would write the 'J' upside down. I would show him how a 'j' looked and correct him. His reply, "That's how I make a 'J' and it's suppose to be that way." He insisted that, that's how "J's" were made. He was not being defiant at all. To him that's just the way a 'j' should be.
I remember showing him the 'j' in books, so he could see that they are made with the 'hook' down, but again, he would insist that his was the 'right' way to make a "J".

Even today if something to 'him' is the 'right' way he will not see the real right way. To HIM and how he sees it, it is right. Can't think of an example at this moment but he does that in math a lot.

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