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Spending Time with the Children

Each day I'm trying my best to do something with the children that they enjoy. Not what mama wants to do! Yesterday with Josh, we had some fun knife throwing. I actually hit the target a few times. Okay one time.

Today I played marbles with Brent and Ethan, read a book to Lance, listened to Joshua's dreams and shared my Snowballs that my dad bought for me (couldn't eat all twelve by myself!).

Saturdays I'll go for a walk with Annette. This is our 'girl' time. The Mom's Mug in the picture, Annette, bought that for me last year with her AWANA Bucks. This was when we were attending Stonebriar Community Church.

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  1. It's so precious spending time & doing things with our children. Always so worth it when we make that time.