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To Be Young Again...

Now this looks like a back-breaking way to sleep! This is how Annette and Lance fell asleep. Lance, did come to our bed in the middle of the night though.

And Brent fell asleep here in the kitchen.

Yes, that is a pan next to him. Did I mention we live in a 700sf. garage, converted to apartment house! Sometimes I just don't know where to put things. Thank goodness we'll be moving into the front house in a few weeks. This will give us another 500sf. I must admit I do miss our bigger house at times, not the teeny, tiny yard though.

Here is an example of Lance's tracing. He still does not hold a pencil right and has a hard time making circles and such.

This is actually one of his better tracing sheets. He has a hard time keeping the lines straight. Lance, will be 6yrs. in August.
Some words that Lance uses frequently.
  • That's freaky-"My room is freaky" or "that monkey looks freaky" (when looking at a picture book.
  • That's disgusting
  • He comes to our bedroom at night and will say "I'm frightened"
He cracks me up with his words.

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