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Treasure from Grandpa

The children received a package from Grandpa Lupe today. It had a message.

The kiddos where so excited. They have this thing going on with their grandpa about treasure. When Grandpa comes to visit from California, he always brings a treasure map and treasure for the children to find.

Here is what we saw when we first opened the box.

I took everything out and placed it all on the table, so the children could see every piece.

(click to see larger image)

Here are some close-up pictures.

big key, watches, bell, odd and ends.......

cd, candy, brass horse, bunnies & ducks, spoon......

door hinge, used glue, door stopper.....

2008 calendar, screws, door handle......

currency, more keys, latch thing........

paper, parts of a watch......

not sure what the brown wooden thing is.....

They had a lot of fun deciding who gets  what.

Thank you Grandpa & Grandma!!!


  1. WOW! What cool grandparents!! :) That is just too neat. I know the kids must have had a blast!

  2. How Kewl!!! It looks like stuff you find in those "I spy" books. Have you seen those? I bet the boys would have a great time finding treasures in those. We take them out of the library in the summer time and have a blast with them. The kids are so blessed to have such a loving grandpa and family!!!

    Enjoy all the goodies!!



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