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We Survived the Wilderness (Part 1)

We took the children on a four day field trip to Dinosaur Valley State Park!

When we left the house it was raining and it rained all the way there. We thought we might be setting up our tent in the rain, but God had mercy on us and it stopped raining when we arrived. Ii think the rain kept many campers away because when Lupe was making the reservation it was packed. We thought we were blessed to get a site. When we arrived it was empty. Only six other campers arrived that day. We found a really nice campsite. It was not to close or far from the bathrooms.

We set up camp. We roasted hotdogs for supper. The children had lots of Smores. I couldn't eat them because of my braces. I did have some Little Debbie Oatmeal cookies with cream inside. Yummy.
That night Lupe and I stayed up late talking while the children went to sleep. I asked Lupe, if we should put the coolers in van away from any animals. We had seen a raccoon.
Lupe, said they would be fine. I mentioned that raccoons are pretty smart. They can open coolers.
Not long after we were in our sleeping bags we could hear critters. Lupe, shined the flashlight on them and they ran off. After three more invasions Lupe said he was putting the coolers in the van. Finally we could get some sleep.


Our (Lupe & I) first night was a long one. We had raccoons that kept coming. They were big.  We couldn't find our air mattress (Josh laughed at the mention of this) so we had to sleep on the hard ground. I woke up the next morning with sinus problems, my head hurt and my body ached. I think the ground slanted some and our heads were on the lower side.
The second night my sinuses where really bad. My head still hurt. We turned our sleeping bags around so all the blood wouldn't go to our heads this time. Now our feet would be on the lower end. In the middle of the night I had to go to the bathroom SO bad. I didn't want to wake Lupe though and I was too scared to go by myself. No telling what creatures of the night I might see. Yes, I'm chicken. So I held it. After a few hours my bladder hurt so bad that I finally decide to brave it and go. As I was getting my shoes and coat on Lupe, woke up (Yes!) of course he offered to take me and I took him up on that offer. He had already taken Lace too. This is why I didn't want to bother him. I practically ran to the bathroom.
When we were back in our sleeping bags I had to go again. My bladder hurt again I couldn't wait till morning. Finally it came. Josh, said he need to go to the restroom so I went with him. I could barely stand.
Our third night Lupe bought me some sinus medicine (NyQuil) I took to capsules before bed and boy was I out. My poor husband had to deal with Brent throwing up, potty and who knows what else. I slept until four in the morning when I heard more throw-up commotion.
By Wednesday morning my thighs hurt so bad. I barely touched it and ouch! My whole body hurt. Lupe and I really need our inflatable mattress. We can't handle the hard ground anymore. Hee, hee. You should have seen the children. Like nothing for them.


Since I was so beat from the sleepless night my sweet husband got breakfast started. He made pancakes and bacon. I purchased those pancake mixes that come in a plastic container and all you do is add water. This way we didn't have to whisk eggs, milk and so forth. Just add water and shake!
After breakfast we went for a walk. I won't add how wet and sandy it was and that we practically had to be mountain goats, and the sand was so wet that I almost lost my shoe, but I will tell you that the children enjoyed some rock throwing.

Lupe, taught them how to use their whole body and was giving lessons on rock skipping.

Here is Ethan. He didn't obey mama so he had time out for a while.  Can you tell how miserable he looks.

Brent and Lance are natural throwers. Even as toddlers they could throw really good. It was fun watching them throw footballs when they were so young.

It took Caleb a while but he got the hang of throwing (putting his whole body into it as Lupe says)

We continued out lovely walk.
took some pictures of the children. I had them stand in age order. Oldest in the back.
With their papa!
Continued walking.
Still walking...........love these pictures.

Reached our camp and had some sandwiches with chips!

Josh and Brent are using the little tent.

We were off again.
Need to get all the educational stuff in :)

Having fun. Mom scared someone might fall in.
My Indian Girl. She must be feeling powerful or something.

We saw deer.
We then left the park to see the 'Down Town' are. The city was Glen Rose I believe. We went to a rock park.
Lupe, got a running start.

Saw some dinosaurs
My Annette.

Back to camp for some supper. Taco Soup.
My Annette again. She's too cute!

Silly Lance!

Lupe, took a picture of me cooking the meat.


Annette, watching me open the cans.

Getting the fire ready for Smores. The children can't wait.

It's dark. Yippee!

Happy Annette.

The children went to bed past ten. They had so much fun that first whole day.

I almost forgot to mention something funny that Ethan did. A few hours after we arrived Ethan comes all proud holding a neat find. He showed it to Lupe. Lupe, looked at it, I looked at it and we started laughing and told Ethan, that he was holding poop! He looked at us shocked and dropped it fast. He scrubbed his hands with lots of soap and then sanitizer. He had me smell his hands to make sure they were clean.
Too funny!!!! Yup, that's my Ethers.


  1. Linda, it sounds like you guys had an awesome time, aside from you having a bout of feeling sick. It was a wonderful educational opportunity for the children! It looked like they had a great time. I'm so sorry that you got sick. Try and rest up and re-energize before coming back to school full force.



    ps I'm such a chicken, the racoons would have really scared me. I've never been camping...maybe I will get motivated and try it out sometime...but in Florida, the gators, creepy crawlies...I'm such a chicken! :)

  2. Looks like a lot of fun making some very special memories! I've missed camping and hope that we can go a few times in the very near future. Dinosaur Valley looks very interesting.


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