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Week 28

My little guys brought me some more flowers.

Aren't they pretty?

When Joshua, reads a book that is a challenge, he likes to have his pocket dictionary close by.

I like that he takes the time to look up words when he reads. Especially since this is on his own time. It's not required reading.

Today we finished week 28!

Joshua, took his first Saxon Math test and passed. Annette, took her first Junior Analytical Grammar test on nouns and passed. Caleb, took his Christian Light Math quiz and he too passed. Yeah!!!

Annette & Josh enjoy reading their Christian Light Social Study books. Brent, started a new book The History of the United States: Told in One Syllable Words. Lance, did some folding, drawing and tracing. Caleb, illustrated his original sentences and Ethan, uh, played a lot outside.

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