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What Does Your Table Look Like?

This is what our table looks like most of the time during the day and after dinner. My Dr. Pepper, school books................

Yes, that's a pan of left over Oatmeal. It's what was for dinner.
Joshua's homework.

Cereal boxes, left over Spell to Write and Read list.

Happy children eating ice cream.

Silly children eating ice cream (notice my reserved Caleb, isn't making a silly face)

Children waving hello. Ethan, praising the Lord.

I just heard some thunder. That storm that was brewing yesterday never came, maybe sometime today.


  1. Hee..hee..your table looks just like ours does. Hey just a question out of curiosity...how long does it take you all to finish school for the day? What time to you start and what time do you finish? Once lunch comes it seems as if everyone loses any umph for doing school but we still have alot left to do.

  2. OK, I have to admit it. This is EXACTLY what our table looks like. I even have the same totes you have. And I usually have either a Dr. Pepper or a Mt. Dew sitting by me! I'm OK with my table looking like this so long as it's mostly cleared off by dinner time. However, my problem is that my husband is sometimes home before or right after we finish and he HATES it. How does your husband feel about your table looking like this?

  3. Andrea, my goal is to have the table cleared before dinner 50% of the time the goal is met, BUT after dinner if the dc didn't finish school they bring it out again.
    My dh is okay with this because it does eventually get cleared.
    What he doesn't like is for the table to be like this all the time everyday. My MIL's (whom I love very much) table has stuff on it all the time. Not organized or themed stuff like school books but just stuff, so that he doesn't like.
    Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment ;)


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