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I have been not so patiently waiting for Lance's McRuffy Color Math to arrive. It came today and I was disappointed because it was the wrong one. CBD sent me the black and white version. The black and white one is so not worth $54.00. More like $30.00. Everything looks so cheap and the Teacher Manual is not much help. This is all help you get from the B&W version:
  • Objective: The child will compare sizes of objects using the term larger.
  • Material: Geoboard
  • Teaching: Make a small space on the geoboard. Have the child make larger shapes.
Seriously , that's it. ALL the lessons are like that. My goodness.

The current color edition is very different. The TM has you ask the child questions and tells you exactly what to do. It's more scripted. You can see samples at the McRuffy site.

At the McRuffy site the B&W Basic Math is $34.00 but I wouldn't bother with it. Save up and purchase the Color Math. Much nicer.

So, here I am again.........waiting. I called CBD and they are going to send me a return shipping label and refund my money. The only problem is I need that money to purchase The Color Math from McRuffy Press.

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