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Annette's Second Wind with AWANA

This year in AWANA Joshua and Annette were on the same year both using Book 2 or year 2. I don't know how it happened but they both ended up with different books. Same year but Annette's was the older version and Joshua's was the newer one.

The covers are almost the same but not quite. Here is Joshua's.


Not too much of a difference on the outside. As you can see the new version (Joshua's) has the title on the top.

On the inside is where the difference is. The newer version has lots of review the older doesn't.
Annette, prefers the new version. She said, that she really memorizes those verses because they are constantly reviewed. The older one are two new verses every week and it's more like memorizing for a test at the end of the Discovery.

Annette got stuck on  Discovery 7.1

Here she has to answer three questions with two back-up verses. Her problem was that without the constant review she had a hard time with the verses.

Here is the newer book.

With the newer one she answers the questions and has only one back up verse.

Annette, is the kind of gal that she has to get it right. For example when I was needing to figure out  what Sequential Spelling book to place her in she was getting discouraged as the words got harder. She was really upset when she couldn't get them right anymore. I told my sweet girl that she did wonderful. She missed four words out of 75. She was still not satisfied with that. I further explained that the placement test is to figure out where she'll place in the program, that she is not suppose to know every word. Poor girl was upset for a little while.

This is how she is with her AWANA verses. She would get upset because every week she had new verses and couldn't always get them and once she realized that she would not be able to finish her book she was really upset.

I should also mention that last year Annette, finished her AWANA book including the Gold & Silver. She was also one of the only girls who did and Miss Tiffany let her carry the flag during the Awards Ceremony. That was the first time she let a 3rd grader carry the flag. Normally it's the 4th graders who do. (I was going to add a link but couldn't find my post about last years AWANA) Annette, was really honored to do this.

Well, last week my friend from church invited the kids and I to go to the park with her. They also happen to be the AWANA leaders :)
As we were walking at the park we happened to talk about AWANA and I mentioned the two different books. They didn't realize that Annette, some how got the wrong book and told me that she is only required to do what is in Joshua's book. They mentioned that a lot of the verses in the older book are now used in the Gold & Silver section of the newer book.

When I got home I mentioned this to Annette and ever since she has been studying her AWANA. I think she just mentioned that she has four sections memorized.

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