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Caleb and Brent's Summer School

Our 09/10 school year is over. Yahoo!!! We completed another year of homeschooling. Now for Summer School. Yay!!!

Caleb, will start McRuffy Math 3rd grade. McRuffy Press won't have their 4th grade program ready until the end of summer, so I thought starting with the 3rd grade would be great review. Also, he hasn't done a whole lot of geometric reasoning, roman numerals, math tables and a few other concepts.
A friend is lending me How To Teach Spelling so I can keep up with his phonics. How to Teach Spelling has lots of good dictation passages and I will continue to review their phonograms. I'll also add in Word Qwerty from Talking Fingers. I would like to add the Greek Alphabet Code Cracker as well but I  haven't ordered it yet.

Brent's Summer School is almost identical to Caleb's. Only he will use McRuffy 2nd grade Math. Again I chose to back-up a level. Brent knows how to add, subtract, some multiplying and basic fractions, read a thermometers and such but there are some concepts that McRuffy introduces a bit earlier than what Brent was using before (Spunky math by Schoolaid)

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  1. Looks good, not too much, but not too little.

    I've always had a curiosity about the How to Teach Spelling, so I'll look forward to your review post. :)

    Happy Sunday in the Lord!


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