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Cookie School

Today I told Lance he may have some Nilla Wafers. I said he can have three cookies showing him with my fingers how many. He carefully put one cookie in front of each finger.

I let him have an extra one and he made a 'dog foot'.

Then he said that he made a Lance, meaning a "L"

Today he had to cut a picture of a sandwich. This is the best cutting he has done yet. See how well he cut the sandwich shaped like a triangle?

He also did some tracing and coloring.

Here he is playing with some Pattern Blocks that his Auntie Cynce sent.

Lance's words:
  • Keekee=cookies
  • moth=wasp
These are the two I remember. I had a list going next to my computer but can't find it now.


  1. Awe, he is getting so big. I love his coloring! And he knows which letter his name starts with? Wow! He looks so into doing his pattern blocks. Very focused!

  2. LOL, I agree Cynce, he does look focused!
    What a great way to do school. I bet I could of learned a lot more if I was able to study with cookies ;)


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