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The Dynamic Phonics Learning Book

I purchased The Dynamic Phonics Learning Book from McRuffy Press. One thing I have to keep in mind when reading this is it's a "Phonics" book not a 'spell-your-way into reading'. While looking at it I kept saying, "No, it's not suppose to me taught this way." or "But some vowels have three sounds." or "We are suppose to be spelling them before they see and read the word."
Then I remembered that this is phonics. After teaching The Phonics Road for a year and reading Spell-to-Write and Read it's hard to turn back.

I purchased Dynamic Phonics to see if it's something I can use with my nephew over the summer and his mom can take it home to continue after-schooling him with it. If I can get out of the 'spell your way into reading' method I think it will work.

One neat thing that Dynamic Phonics has the child make his own readers. Everyday they copy a few sentences and can illustrate it if they like. Here is an example from lesson 7. Nat has a hat. Sap is on the hat. A pan is on the bat. Is a bass in the pan. A cat in a cap naps. Can the cat nab the bass? The cat nabs the bass. Nat has a cat on a bat. By the end of the week they have a reader and can practice reading their own book.

I may have Ethan, do a few lessons to help me understand it. I think he would have fun writing his own stories. In the Color Phonics package are some reproducible writing pages that have space for an illustration. I may use that for his little books.

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