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Ethan Stayed in His Bed

Almost every night Ethan comes to our bed. He is a wild, teeth grinding, deep breather kind of sleeper. Most nights I don't mind him coming to our bed because I know it's going to end all too soon but some nights are really rough with him.
Last night as I was tucking him into bed I told him not to come to our bed because he might trip over his Lincoln Log house before I could take a picture (had to find my camera).

This morning as I'm waking up he comes walking into my room saying, "Mom, woke up last night. I was going to come to yours room but I decided not to and stayed in my bed."
Lupe and I had a very restful night :)

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  1. Oh my, I remember sleeping in Ethan's room when I came down for Brownie pictures...and yes, he is a teeth grinder! I had a hard night that first night too ;) But it was well worth it because I love my kids! :'D


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