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Ethan to the Rescue!!!

My Mother's Day flowers bloomed so pretty. A week later they were ready for the compost pile.

When Ethan found out that I  threw them in the compost pile he was sad. Later that day I found him with the flowers. He put them in one of the empty Peanut Butter containers that we save for bug catching. I wonder how he got them out of the compost pile.
That evening I saw them on Lance's dresser. He and Lance were taking turns having flowers in their room.

Today, Ethan, said "The flowers are ready to be thrown out now."

This time I was the one sad to see them go. Maybe I'll go rescue them out of the compost pile ;)

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  1. Ahhh, that's sweet how he rescued the flowers! Guess he really is a "nature" boy as Grandpa calls him ;)


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