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Four Teeth Pulled

Joshua, is resting in my room as I write. Yesterday he had four teeth pulled. Two upper and two lower. Our orthodontics  suggested we have his teeth pulled because of crowding. She can straighten his teeth but he will have an overbite. As much as Josh, did not want his teeth pulled, Lupe & I felt it was best.

Josh, didn't want to close his eyes but wanted to see everything that was going on. The BIG needle and all. He didn't like it but said it was kind of fun and then quickly added that he wouldn't want to do that again though.

Josh, took a book so he would have something to read while waiting. The assistant said, Josh, was very mature for his age. She was surprised that he liked to read and was happy to see him with a book.

The doctor was very kind. She explained everything that was happening to Josh. They both said he was very brave. They have adults who are in tears when getting a tooth pulled.

Here is Josh before any teeth were pulled. I asked if I could share these pictures.

Two teeth have been pulled!

What a trooper!!!

The Teeth.

Lupe, bought him a LARGE (never do we buy large) chocolate shake from Sonic for dinner and to our surprise it was buy one get one free! The Lord provided breakfast for Josh too.

Josh, had his Sonic shake and later some chicken broth. At bedtime I had to force him to take some liquid Tylenol. Later before I went to bed I peeked in on Josh. He was still awake, so I sat next to him and we talked for a while.

I'm not one to get upset when my children need shots. When my babies would get a vaccination shot I was not the mama who had to hold back tears or had a hard time with them poking my babies. I knew it had to be done and if I got upset that would make things worse.

Seeing my baby (yes, Josh is still my baby) go through all those shots wasn't so hard but I don't like when they are in pain and I have no control over that.

Thankfully it's done. Tomorrow Josh, should be as good as new.

Here is Josh, recuperating.

All his books. He recently unpacked his Box Car Children and Hardy Boy books, so he has been rereading many of them.


  1. Aaaawww...poor boy!! I hope things go well and it is not very painful for him. I will keep him in my prayers....
    Thanks for mailing the cd so fast...you are much better than I am. I just remembered (again) that I NEED to get your stuff mailed back to you!! Sheesh..I am horrible.

  2. Thanks, Amity, he took it like a champ! Appreciate your prayers.

  3. I'm so sorry for everything he went through! I would have needed pain medication just from knowing he was going through that! LOL! I'm such a drama queen! I praise the Lord that everything went well. God is so good!

    Dee :)


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