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Fun School

My last child will enter Kindergarten this year, so I'm making some changes. You all know how much I love The Phonics Road. Well, with Lance I'm going to wait until 2nd grade.  I want something fun to do with Lance, so I chose something more colorful for his K year. Drum roll please..............McRuffy Phonics & Reading is what I chose. It does not line up with Phonics Road at all but I decided to use PR more as a spelling program (along with its grammar, reading and so forth).

McRuffy Phonics is colorful and looks fun. I wonder if I'm setting myself up for disaster. I do have a busy schedule with the older children. As long as we do McRuffy three times a week I'll be happy. I may even have Lance do 'night' school. Make it something special we do together. I would love to order their Science course as well but..........that may be stretching it a bit.

I would like to use the K science program with both Ethan & Lance and use the 2nd grade Science with Caleb & Brent. Just keep it light and fun this year. You know my littles are growing up so fast.


  1. Oh Linda, he's your last baby! Have fun with him, it will be easier if you just schedule his special time in the schedule, trust me on this. If it ain't scheduled, it sometimes doesn't get done, but really, enjoy this year! Make those sweet kindergarten memories...you will have so much fun and the older kids are already getting so independent. I'm giving you permission to just have kindergarten fun!!!

    Dee :)

  2. Thanks Dee! I can't wait to order and start with him. I plan to start math as soon as I can order that but Phonics I'll wait until the fall. I plan to finish his cutting & pasting books.


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