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Horizons, Bob Jones, Teaching Textbook and McRuffy Math

I didn't buy Teaching Textbooks for Caleb, but he has completed three lessons already. Brent wants to use Teaching Textbook too. I know TT6 would be too hard and I'm not going to purchase a lower grade for him. Instead I went to TT website and he did some of the sample lessons for their third grade level. If I had the money I would purchase the lower level but I don't so samples will have to do.
I am tempted to use TT this year with Caleb & Brent but I have their math picked out (well, sorta). I want something with more games. As I have blogged before I am leaning towards Bob Jones for Caleb and Brent but even now I'm still not sure. It is one of my top picks for them. I'm going back and forth between McRuffy Math and Bob Jones. I was pretty set on using Bob Jones, but then I like how McRuffy schedules in Pattern Blocks, Geo Boards and such. These are things that I have been wanting to add in but haven't.

Both Bob Jones and McRuffy are to be taught by mom. I figured if using Bob Jones which mom has to sit and teach I might as well look at McRuffy too, since it's a program that I have wanted to use but thought it was too teacher intensive before.

With Ethan & Lance I was set on Horizons but am looking at McRuffy for them as well. I like all the manipulatives. I have wanted to use all my manipulatives for math in the past but I'm not very creative and like I mentioned, if it's not scheduled then we usually don't get to it. With McRuffy all the manipulatives are scheduled in the lesson plans. I never get around to getting those counting bears and making up math facts with Lance.

Horizons, Bob Jones, Teaching Textbook and McRuffy Math, oh the Joy of picking for the lower grades (K-6).

I'm glad I know what Josh and Annette will use!

Edited to add: I just found out that Bob Jones new 3rd Edition for 5th grade will be out this SUMMER!!! I was going to use BJ 5th with Annette but was informed that it wouldn't be available until next school year. Now I find out it's this summer. Oh, well. The Teacher Manual won't be out until CHRISTmas anyway. What good is the student text without the manual. Hee, hee. Maybe Caleb can use it.


  1. Linda, I've looked at Mcruffy math often, and I really liked what I saw. It seemed a lot like CLE, but not as intense, and with less problems. My only problem with Mcruffy was that not all levels were available, leaving me to once again have to search for the next level math when my son was done.

    Let us know if you do get a look at it. It seems very affordable and seems to have the best of both the review and the mastery.


  2. Yes, I like that it's not so expensive as BJ math. I emailed McRuffy (think his name was Brian. LOL) and he said the 4th grade math will be out at the end of Aug.

  3. Did you ask him if he's making levels 5, 6, and so on? Maybe that could be a deciding factor for you...

    Dee :)

  4. No, I didn't ask about other grades. What I might do if we go the McRuffy route is have him use BJ5 or Saxon.

  5. I just received McRuffy math K, 1st, and 2nd for my younger ones. I've been very impressed with what I've seen so far. I have tried or looked at so many different things and this looks like a good fit for us.



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