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I Want A Voice

I want to sing to the Lord, with a voice like Sandi Patty. I want to sing "How Great Thou Art" without my voice cracking. I love singing praising to my Lord. Oh, why didn't he give me a decent voice?

My children think my voice is lovely. Hee, hee. They love hearing me sing and think I'm funny when I act like I'm on a stage, using a wooden spoon as a microphone. When we had stairs I would come singing down the stairs in my um, lovely voice, acting like the stairs where part of my make believe stage. Yes, the children think I'm funny but I love singing and acting in the comfort of my own home. Something I would never do elsewhere. Those of you that know me are probably shocked with this post. Linda, so shy that some must think I'm rude, sings and shouts with all her might to the Lord. I'm laughing as I write this post. Well, off I go. I need to sing "Blessed Assurance" & "Just A Closer Walk" to my kids.

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  1. LOL! Lou, I can hear you lovely voice. It probably sounds something like mine. :)

    Yes, I sometimes wish I had a nice voice too. I have got comfortable singing in front of Don and the kids.

    I am sure the Lord hears your heart and is pleased!


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