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Josh & Brent's Desk

Joshua, made a desk a few months ago. On his desk he has a few of his favorite books!

He has his Thesaurus, Dictionary, Bible, Under Drakes Flag, R&S Science book and his Spencerian Penmanship books.

He plans on waking up early to read his Rod & Staff Science book. It was his last years science course but he likes to read it on his own now.
Joshua, likes clutter free as you can see there are only his books. In fact if his Science books have too much on the cover he doesn't like that. Like his dad he prefers things put away out of sight!

Here is Brent's side of the desk. He has a bit more stuff. Brent is more like his mama. He needs to see what he has. His color pencils, pictures, books etc.

It's fun to see their personalities come out with their desk space. Brent, will spend hours coloring on his side of the desk.

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