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Joshua's 12th Birthday

Joshua had fun decorating his cake. It took three boxes of cake mix to make his hamburger cake.

Here he has frosted the bottom bun, and put the lettuce between the bun and patty. We used real lettuce because we didn't have any candy. He will frost the patty with chocolate frosting.


Frosting the top bun.

We ordered some $5.00 pizzas and splurged with buying Josh, his chicken wings :)

Grandma and Grandpa Lupe, called from California to wish him a happy birthday. All his cousins from Ca. called too. The only place to find peace and quiet is in the bathroom.

Decorations. He had an Army theme.

Singing happy birthday to Josh.

He took forever to come so we could sing. His candles will not be reused for another birthday.

After serving six kids and four adults we still had lots of cake left.

Josh, received two books, mini spy telescope, rocks, action figures and a blue teddy bear. I think Ethan, is the one who gave him some rocks. His siblings are so sweet to think of him. Annette used her AWANA money and purchased him a mini dart gun.

We all had fun. Josh, had a good 12th birthday.


  1. Oh Linda, I love that he decorated his own cake. I may take that idea for one of my own kid's next birthdays. It looked like he had such a great time! That is very similar to how we celebrate in our house! Don't you just love Little Ceasers! :)


    ps I also encourage the kids to give each other gifts, even if they make them. I tell them that they are each other's everything and should always remember each other's special days for the rest of their lives! It makes birthdays even more special.

  2. We were suppose to bake one of the cakes in a glass oven proof bowl to get the top to be more round but we didn't have one.

  3. Oh this is what I miss. Family birthdays! Tell Josh HAPPY BIRTHDAY and may his birthday wish come true!

    And the cake looks awesome! That's another thing I miss is your homemade cakes.


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