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McRufffy Math 1st & 2nd Grade is Here!

Happy McRuffy Math user.

McRuffy Math 1st & 2nd grade is here and I'm really, really, really liking what I see. The lesson plans are wonderful. I know exactly what is going to be taught and how. It doesn't look like it will take me hours to teach a lesson (like I thought). Maybe 20-30 minutes depending on how long a game takes or manipulative time.

The 2nd grade is for Brent and there is a lot of review but he hasn't got those addition and subtraction facts cemented yet so I thought this would be a good start for him. Can't wait to start.

Edited to add my pictures.

I put all the Resource Pack material in sheet protectors and into a binder. The Resource Pack contains test, copy masters, mats, games and cards. They are reproducible. Then you have the workbooks (which I forgot to take pictures of the pages).

1st Grade Math

1st Grade test

Number line, speed drills and cards.

Colorful games

More games

2nd Grade Color Math

Resource Packet. (not sure what they are yet)


workbook page

Teacher Manual, Student Workbook & Response Book.


Back of binder.

working hard


  1. Linda, it looks like so much fun! I love the game aspect of it. That's what keeps me holding on to my Mastering Mathematics. Joshua thinks he's having fun, not learning times tables and I see that McRuffy math uses the same approach.

    I also love the layout of the workbook pages. They are colorful, yet so uncluttered, and it seems to be spiral, but a bit more gentle than CLE, and a lot less problems than CLE. I really like that also as sometimes I think some math programs put in too many problems.

    It looks like you are going to have a "fun" but still challenging, math year!

    Thanks for posting all the kewl pics!

    Dee :)

    ps I love that the games are laminated already! It seems like such a good deal, financially!

  2. I love your ideas for organizing the Resource Pack materials! This is our first week of using McRuffy and my Resource Packs are still in the bags they came in stacked on my piano. I took out everything I needed for the week, but had not been able to figure out how to organize them. I was thinking file folders in my file cabinet, but the notebook makes more sense and handier too.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I think it looks fun too and it reminds me of when we were little and how we use to play school. :)

  4. Laurie, you'll have to give an update on how McRuffy is working for you with multiple children on the yahoogroup.

  5. I'll try to update this weekend. I will say all my children love it!

  6. Thanks Laurie, glad to hear it's a hit at your house :)


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