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McRuffy K, 1st & 2nd

I wanted to write more about McRuffy Math.

Today with Brent and Ethan we completed lesson 2. The lessons started off with playing with counters and completing a workbook page. It feels funny only having one page of math but it's nice at the same time. I'm used to lots of problems on a page.

Here is a picture of Ethan's 1st grade math lesson.

Teacher manual


Close-up of his work page

Here is Brent's 2nd grad math lesson

McRuffy suggest keeping a math journal. Here is Brent's

Today Brent had to write all the math facts for the number 3. His lesson only took 15 minutes because it's a bit easy right now. I would like to do two lessons a day for now but Brent does not like that idea.

McRuffy Kindergarten Math came today. I purchased this used so I don't have a picture of the workbook yet.

Everything came in excellent condition. Like the 1st & 2nd grade math all the game mats are laminated.

Like my friend Dee mentioned, it's a bit like Christian Light Math but more fun and gentle :)


  1. Linda, trust me on this one, don't double up. Keep him thinking it's fun. It will go a lot smoother. I have done that with Joshua and then it has taken away the joy of the new "fun" math program. Keep him on a nice, steady pace. (just my humble opinion, of course, mama knows best!)

    Dee :)

    ps it looks great! I really love that it's only one page. You know what keeps me from ordering paces, the fact that there are so many problems per 3 pages per day, and I end up crossing out most of them and only making my son do about 25 anyway, so it's like a waste of curriculum in my book. The games are going to reinforce what's being learned. Ignore me if I'm being a pain in the butt! ;P

  2. Oh, Dee, you are not being a pain in the butt ;) I most likely will do a lesson a day with the Lance & Ethan, maybe do two with Brent but only if it's not going to be stressful. I agree a nice steady pace is a good thing!

  3. I was checking out Mcruffy kindergarten math and now I am wishing I would have waited and got that for Gabriela instead of Horizons ~sigh~ It looks realy nice.

  4. Maybe Horizons can be her 'summer' math :) I did purchase Horizons before deciding on McRuffy too(blushing) :o) It's sitting on my shelf.

  5. Ok I just ordered it......
    All I ordered from horizons was the 1st workbook not the 2nd and not even the teachers manual so ...aahh well ;-) I am so excited to get this I think Gabriela is going to love it!!

  6. I think she is going to love it too. It looks so fun and not overwhelming for child or mama. The mama part is what I like. Let me know when you get it and tell me what you think.
    Did you get the Saxon Teacher cd I sent?

    Oh, did you order straight from the McRuffy site? The McRuffy site is the only place to get the Color Math. There is a yahoo group you can join too.

  7. Yes we did get the saxon cd...sorry I didn't mention it sheesh...thank you SO much. Cena seemed to enjoy having someone explain it to her. I just have her listen to the instruction part not the part where they do the problems (I told her if she has a problem that she is really struggling with she can listen/watch then)

    I did order it from Mcruffy site... Cbd did have the color one but it wasn't available to ship till june 21st, rainbow resourses had it too without manipulatoves but it was the same price as it was at the McRuffy website w/ manipulatives.

    I will let you know when I get it for sure ~smile~

  8. McRuffy has fast shipping too. I ordered the 3rd grade math on the 25th and it looks like it should be here on the 28th.

  9. I agree, only one lesson a day. It may seem too light at times, but I think that is due to the fact everyone else over does it. You know sometimes less is more.

    We did Horizons K last year and talk about overload.

    Can you tell more about this math journal? We have not gotten there yet, but I would like to know more about it.

    Are you going to use any of the other programs McRuffy offers?

    Have a great day.


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