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McRuffy Math 3rd Grade

Yesterday I received McRuffy Math 3rd Grade. Another winner. Really liken this McRuffy Math. It's everything I wanted in a math program. My favorite math programs (and believe me I have looked at many)
  1. Christian Light (traditional)
  2. Teaching Textbooks (dvd lectures)
  3. Math Mammoth (out-of-the box)
  4. McRuffy (hand on and understanding math)
  5. Saxon (for repetition)
Okay now to the pictures. For some reason my pictures have a pink look. Not sure where that came from. I took the pictures in my room with the sun shining in.

McRuffy 3rd Grade consist of two teacher manual, one workbook and one response book.

Here is the cover of the binder that I have used for McRuffy Math.

A peek inside the teacher manual

Workbook pages

The math pages look fun. I know Caleb is going to enjoy using McRuffy.


Inside the binder.

Left are games and mats. On the right the resource pack masters.

We interrupt this program to show you a bunch of cute kids watching The Spy Next Door!

Okay, back to the pictures. Thought my sister MaryEllen might enjoy a break from so many McRuffy post.


Back pocket holding the Response Book. 2nd grade and 3rd grade math have the Response Book. Basically I say a math problem and they write the answer in the book. I'll show more detail in another post.

All organized. I don't have any more ACE binders so the 4th grade math will look out of place.

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